Annoying noise

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I have an annoying noise on my bike which i can't find.
The noise started a few weeks ago and the only way i can describe it is it is like walking in a pair of squeaky leather shoes.
I have lubed the spd-sl pedals and also from advice on youtube oiled the cleats but no no avail.
The noise only happens when i am peddling and not freewheeling.
I only had a service three months ago in which part of the service is checking the bottom bracket so hopefully it isn't that.
Anyone on here got a clue?


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Saddle fixed firmly, show rubbing on crank?

dave r

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I have this noise and it comes from the sole of my shoe. Still not figured a way to stop it so I switched to flats.

Take your bike for a spin in trainers (with your SPD's) and see if the noise persists.

I've got the same problem, haven't found a permanent solution yet, new SPD shoe's brought just after Xmas, I've got a pair of Decathlon shoes as well and have the same problem with them.
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Thank you all for some great suggestions.:okay:
I suppose it's just a case of elimination.
I will try riding the bike in trainers to see if it's the cycling shoes first and go from there.


My left shoe makes the same noise in the dry.Not in the wet at all.
I just put up with it because I don't want oil or lube on the sole when I walk into work because we have polished floors
and would end up on my a#@e


I use SPD's and occasionally get a squeak when I'm clipped in, but a good squirt of GT85 on the clipping-in mechanisms on the pedals fixes it.


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Take a bit of sand paper to the contact points on the plastic cleat - I bet you've got bits of aluminium deposits on the cleats. Then get the oil off, and just use some Mr Sheen, or silicon lube (Mr Sheen is cheaper).
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