Another appeal for witnesses (hampshire)

Sorry I can't help other than to say the journalism seems better this time and I hope they both make a speedy recovery.

The sweeping generalisations posted are terrible though :-(


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Bollo said:
Bugger. GWS both. Not a road I know as I don't tend to stray out of the NF until Christchurch
I think this is the road the club guys at work use. The MC has apparently appeared on the comments section and offered their best wishes to the cyclist.


Glad to read (via the comments on the link) that both parties are on the mend. I cycled this road for the first time on Saturday (5th June!). I thought the other road users were well mannered, a couple of close passes and some waiting a while and giving me a wide berth. I got the impression that it was a fast, bendy road. A couple of times I would go round a corner and think that anyone coming round behind me might not see me in time.

Anyway, GWS to both parties.
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