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I have taken the plunge and bought a cheapie Chinese MD80 camera. It came with a 4gb card so I was able to try it out straight away and I have to say I am impressed. I just clipped it to my jacket and went for a walk. The picture was excellent once I worked out that reading directly from the camera doesn't give good playback, and I copied the file to my hard drive. Following advice on here I have orderd a class 6 card which hopefully will make things even better.

The camera records in .avi format. To use U tube what format do I need to convert into, and can anyone recommend a website that will explain about editing, compressing and generally getting files ready to upload to utube.



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You can upload avi files direct to Youtube.

If you're running Windows, search programmes on your PC for Movie Maker. It's simple to use and great for editing. you simply import the avi file from your hard drive, where movie maker splits it up into chunks which you can preview, then drag and drop onto a timeline. Simples.

You then need to open an account n Youtube so that you an share your movies with us and the rest of the world. Once you've edited and saved your movie file, go to your account on Youtube, click on "upload" and follow instructions. It really isn't all that complicated, so don't fret, just give it a whirl!

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I am on my second md 80 and still having problems getting it to record for more than 1/2 hour at a time.

If i cannot get this 1 to work i am giving it up as a bad job ;)


Perhaps I have been very lucky. I actually tested mine tonight. I aimed it at the TV and left it alone. 2 hours later it was still flashing merrily away. I stopped it and it had recorded for that time, although my memory card was nearly full. The playback wasn't too rivetting:smile:

I did read somewhere that the battery can benefit from a few charge/discharge cycles.

When mine eventually gives up the ghost and there is nothing to lose I will open it up and see if an external battery can be connected.
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