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From the Braveheart web site:-

"One of Britain’s leading cyclists was killed today while out training near his home in Fort William. Jason MacIntyre, a three-time British champion and Scottish record holder, was training on the A82 road when he was hit by a vehicle, said to be a council vehicle which overtook him and then turned into his path. The 34-year old was airlifted from the scene but died on his way to hospital in Glasgow."

If that is what happened I do hope the driver of the vehicle spends a long, long time in jail, many years, and never drives a vehicle again. Ever.
very sad news, a very talented rider. i doubt very much the driver will get anything more than a small fine.
there'll be all the usuall "blind spot" rubbish spewed out in his favour.
we can only hope that scottish justice isn't as bent as english.


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I'm angry, sad and depressed at the same time. I was in his area last summer the same week he was featured in the comic, so we went to have a look at the TT course at West Ferry.
Blimey! I drove to Fort William today. Didn't see anything so I wonder when and where it happened. There have been a lot of council vehicles on that road recently, tidying verges and so on and the last 8 miles into Fort William is notorious for accidents, they are regular and normally as a result of people misjudging the sweeping bends there. There was a head on fatal crash just a few weeks ago.

I don't cycle that road often, purely because I don't like it and I don't like how people come past, too fast, too close but if he lived in Fort William he wouldn't have had many choices.

I think I may have seen this guy out training a few times. I noticed him because he looked good, stood out, fast, deceptively so. That's absolutely tragic.


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Terrible news :biggrin:


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upsetting news. the sooner they bring the burden of proof that it was not their fault onto the bigger vehicle in any crash, the better. an absolute responsibility for all road users smaller/less powerful than you. for us, that would be pedestrians.



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When anyone gets killed on the roads it's sad but when it's one of our own kind out doing what we all do on a regular basis it seems even more sad than ever. Thoughts are with his family and friends!!


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It was just reported (briefly) on BBC Breakfast News ... although I object to the phase "he collided with a transit van", almost made it sound to me as if he was responsible, I would of preferred "was involved in a collision with a transit van" or am I reading too much into the words? (English was never my strong point).
it's just been on breakfast news.unfortunately the bbc chose to show a picture of graeme obree, i thought he had been killed as well.
i've e mailed them to point out their careless mistake.
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