Another forum fall out?

It seems another forum owner is 'migrating to a new platform' which will cause some disruption to the members.

Years ago I must have registered for MoneySavingExpert, although I don't recall posting anything.

I've received this long email which looks like another attempt by a forum owner to justify a change, and which is just the sort of thing that has caused fall outs and mass exoduses when it's happened in other forums.

No forum is perfect, not even this one, but we generally get good treatment from @Shaun in comparison to what some others have to put up with.

There's a lot other owners could learn from him on how to manage technical changes.

MSE email text:

At the beginning of October, we shared the exciting news that we are getting ready to migrate the MSE Forum to a new and future-proof platform (see the original post from our Editor-in-Chief Marcus explaining why we're doing this:
We're still finalising the launch date, so keep an eye out for any updates on the Forum. As part of this move there will inevitably be some changes, although we've done our best to keep these to a minimum, and it should all be very straightforward.
Some changes will affect all users, and you'll need to take some steps before the move (see points one and two below). If you use functions like 'Thanks' and 'Competitions Time', you may notice that things work a little differently after the move.
Here's what you need to know...
1. Logging in for the first time after the move
You'll need to log in using the email address on your account, and will be required to reset your password as MSE will not be transferring your existing one for security reasons. If your email address isn't correct at the time of the switchover, then we will not be able to give you access after the move.
2. Profile pictures

Due to the size of all the files, your profile picture will not be carried across to the new Forum. If you want to keep your current picture, please save it locally on your device and you can upload it again in the new Forum.
3. Link tricks

We know some of you use special tricks with URLs to change how many boards appear and to save search results. Not all of these tricks will be available after the launch.
We realise everyone uses the Forum in different ways. If you have lost any functionality after the launch as a result of the re-platform, let us know and we'll do what we can to restore it
4. Thanks
Over the years we've racked up a massive 230 million 'Thanks' on posts, which unfortunately can't be moved across. Don't worry though – everyone will be able to see a count of how many 'Thanks' you had on the old Forum in your profile, but 'Thanks' counts on posts will start again from scratch
5. Competitions Time Entered and Skipped
We are migrating the 'Entered' and 'Skipped' buttons for the Competitions Time boards, but importing the data will take a little longer (there are 170 million competition entries and 320 million skips), so we expect the Competitions Time boards will be unavailable for a few hours longer after the move while we make sure everything works as expected.
6. End of spaces in usernames
One of the optimisations of the new Forum platform means that spaces in usernames will be replaced with underscores. You don't need to do anything here, we're just letting you know.
And finally...
We are doing our best to keep disruption to a minimum and ask you to be patient with us. This is a massive move and we're making it to be able to keep the Forum thriving well into the future for you.
We can't wait to show it to you - not long now!
MSE Forum Team
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Brompton Bruce

Coffeeeeeeeee pleeeeease
I blame Meghan :whistle:


An Peanut
Looks like a well managed transition, I hope it goes well for them. Technology and business needs continually change so companies need to keep up or die.
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