Another Knee Pain Thread

Discussion in 'Training, Fitness and Health' started by RickTChemist, 30 May 2008.

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    Hi Guys

    Sorry to add another knee pain topic to the forum but I am all out of ideas.

    I've been cycling regularly for well over a year now (MTB and Road) and never had knee pain till earlier this year. This was after a 4hr road ride with a group of friends, there was no pain during the ride but that evening my knee was pretty darn painful when moved after sitting for a while. Following this I took 2months off the bike ( i had back problems ). My first return to riding was a 1.5 hr MTB session during which i developed a really bad pain whilst cycling on the inside of my right knee - i walked home as the pain was too much to bear. There was no pain whilst walking. I took another 2weeks off and wend for a 45min ride and bang it hurt again near the end of the ride.

    More recently i have managed to get out on my road bike with no problems on rides in the region of 20-25miles, but a fortnight ago 30miles into a 40miler it happened again. It starts slowly and then gets to a point where the pain is pretty intense - stopping cycling removes the pain and if i start again i have a couple of relatively pain free minutes. Interestingly standing up appears to significantly reduce the pain - hence i wonder if bike setup is the problem (even though it happens on mu MTB too).

    After riding with a sore knee my recovery always seems to take 2-3days before no pain is felt in the knee. Interestlingly, during the painful days i can lift my heel to my bum (whilst keeping my knees together) but cannot raise my leg in front of me as it hurts too much...

    Sorry to go on and on but i am really frustrated, NHS physio is 12weeks away, can't afford a private physio as i spent a fortune on one last year fixing my back!


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