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Although I posted on another repost a couple of weeks (folding bikes) I suppose I’m a bit of a newbie to forums as such.I currently ride a Felt hybrid bike ,it has gone through various handle bar changes as I seem to get a lot of wrist pain.I changed the straight bars to drops, which seemed to work for a while, but I’ve now changed them again and but butterfly bars on now which seem great.. I also have a Carrera folding bike which I use for commuting to work ,as I work away from home as I sleep in a camper while away, so this works for me..


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Welcome to the forums. Hand pain is common. It's actually rarely the bars that cause it (although they can contribute a bit toward it). Make sure your arms are bent at the elbow and not locked out when riding. Try not to put all your weight on your handlebars (if you cannot maintain the same position when putting both arms behind you then you're probably putting too much weight on to them). Also make sure you're saddle height and position are correct (lots of good vids on YouTube exist)
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