Another of the great Leeds United team goes


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Seconded. And I thought it was a really wonderful tribute from former team and room mate Eddie Gray on Football Focus today, lovely words and memories of his old mate.
Of course!
My first scarves round the wrist experience was in August (or maybe July🤔) 1972. A friend turned up when we were sat outside my mum and dad's old house during the school holidays. He had a Man Utd scarf xx( on one wrist and a Celtic scarf xx( on the other. Anyway,he asked the question "This Alice Cooper at number one...who is she"?:laugh: I still see the bloke,but haven't mentioned that to him. One day i will.:okay:
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He maybe did- all I saw was him strapped up and in agony being helped off the pitch, and Sunderland did it, and they didn't get the immediate and devastating punishment they deserved, so the detail was lost on me watching it on tele as a 13 year old!
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