Another reason not the wear a helmet


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Twenty Inch said:
My commuting buddy Tim told me this morning that the rain was washing "a year's worth of sweat" out of his helmet and into his mouth.

My helmet is also pretty smelly (fnaar fnaar) but its not really a reason for not wearing it. I still have flashbacks from 20 years ago when a cyclist came round the corner, flat out, on the wrong side of the road, waving to his mate in the field. Luckily, his helmet, although it smashed my windscreen, stopped his brains from joining me in the car. After he had cartwheeled over the roof, his lid was first to hit the deck. It broke, as did his collarbone. I never wore a helmet before that day- now I would never cycle without one, even if it does stinks like piss.


proper accident last night, in the general mayhem I thought my head/helmet clipped the road, today I can see the helmet's (two month old whizzy Giro) taken a bloody good whack, proper crack through the innards, glad I'm not wearing that sort of crack above my ear

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BentMikey said:
I didn't meet anyone from Cycle Chat although i kept my eye out for you Bent, i asked a couple that were on blades if they knew of you and if so did they have any idea where i might find you (you know the type of thing "oh i have a friend in London do you know him) they said no to begin with and i asked if they were members of Ls and they said they were and then the guy clicked on and said "oh he was in the paper" and i replied yes "that's him". Just then a group of bladders shot past on the other side of the road and the guy said "oh i think that was him amongst that group" they jumped over the barriers and gave chase. That was somewhere along the embankment.

After watching your video i realised we did pass somewhere and we actually made eye contact and both smiled. You probably wont remember but i was wearing a black rapha cap with white strip, black hh lifa long sleeve top with white stripes down the sleeves, ice blue oakley sun glasses and a rapha fixed backpack on me back, i was ridding a blue and white schwinn MTB. Bloody hell why have i bothered typing all of that there is no way in the world you would remember if you even registered me from the thousands of other people you looked at.
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