Anti-puncture gel, any good?


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I saw it on the new cycle prog on TV. I've got those puncture-resistant Gatorskin tyres on now, is it worth getting some of this gel as well and is there a downside?
It makes the wheels heavier to spin and slows you down. Gatorskins are good, you probably won't need gel as well.


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Agree with CopperCyclist above. I run on Gatorskins at the moment and I would say that keeping the tyre inflated to the correct pressure and checking weekly for flints etc is more worthwhile than filling the tube with hevier gel.


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Don't waste your money.
Look after your tyres. Inflate to the correct pressure. Check the tyres before, during and after a ride for any tiny bit's of flint, glass or stone that are stuck in the tyre and dig them out. Especially during/after wet weather.
Get into the habit. It doesn't take long to check.
It will save you a lot of grief in the long run.


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I use both tyre sealant and Gatorskins during the winter whilst commuting, especially at night. Belt and braces you know, besides the extra weight is good strength training.:angel:


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I've been running slim inner tubes for the last couple of months, and the last week I've been glad. On one ride alone I got six puntures which all sealed themselves. I've had at least two per ride until tonight, and I check the tyres after every journey, and keep a watch on the road for debris.
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