Any accordion players here?

I have decided that, in my old age, I need to learn a new musical instrument to wile away those long winter evenings. I've got well into folk music lately, and as a frustrated (but once very competent) pianist, I would like to learn the accordion because I think they're very cool and make a lovely sound. Also I don't think it will be too hard to learn and technically it is possible to play one whilst riding a bike, which could be interesting.
The question is, will my neighbours grow to hate me and will I haemorrage friends, and will the entire world laugh at me behind my back? Worse still will I grow a beard of gandalph-like proportions in which small eco-systems will develop? I can hardly wait to find out...
There is an online community called, which I have already checked out, of course!
My ex learnt the accordion (no, that's not why she's my ex;)) from the position of being a reasonably good pianist. Personally I love the noise they make, but then I play the banjo so am in no position to judge. They are fun to play and if you've played the piano you should find it easy enough to learn. And if you take it to a session in a pub, you'll always be able to make yourself heard.
Excellent! I'm really impressed by the amount of bass you can get out of them. That is the main reason I want to learn to play one: arsequake bass! My organization has it's own folk club so I could terrorise them first...


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I can play every instrument on the planet (almost) on my guitar...well I cheated and fitted a Guitar synth...Roland GR 20...much fun indeed. The saxophone is 'well' good.


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My old man is a lifelong accordion player. Obviously I hated it when I was growing up, especially when he tried to make me learn. Thankfully in later years he had it fitted with "midi" equipment which means he can play it with headphones on and without the bellows. But now I like the sound of it. He's made an excellent second living out of it too with his ceilidh band.

I have to gravely inform you that he does indeed have a beard. But his friend who also plays doesn't! although he has some rather "interesting" physical quirks.

Anyway, go for it. You'll love it and it's great for your upper body strength.

ps what made you finally decide to reveal your embarrassing secret passion?!!


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I might be getting one for Xmas...(my sister has a wierd way of getting hold of strange musical instruments for nowt....)
Kirstie, might we see a vid of you and your squeezebox at some point? ;):smile::tongue:
Don't be disgusting any case, I haven't actually got an instrument yet, but I'm going to buy one with the proceeds of selling the piano that I got for my 4th birthday...;) When I was 28 my piano teacher tried to pursuade me to give up my current career for a musical one, but as my brother is a pro freelance french horn player I know what a difficult life it is. I like the idea of having a second career in a band though - a couple of my colleagues also do this and get a lot of pleasure out of it. Oh yeah and there's also the opportunity to learn the theme tune to Captain Pugwash.

And no, this isn't my secret passion, nice try though...
Dayvo said:
Sorry Kirstie! I consider myself reprimanded! :smile:

This'll be you soon (and I hope you conceal your box better than she does! ;))

That's not an accordion, it's a melodeon. So ner.
Any you tube videos posted by me will be in my cycling kit, which is considerably less revealing than that get up.
I was wondering how long it would take for this thread to degenerate :becool:
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