Any advice for a hybrid disc brake with carrier?


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I'm after a new men's hybrid bike for £500 or preferably less. I want a good make as it has to last me a long time and I'd like disc brakes. On top of all that I'm after mud guards and a carrier for pannier option. I can't seem to find disc brakes with mud guards except ladies bikes. Does anyone know of anything that tick all these boxes?


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Don't boardman have something?

Your budget could be better, look at second hand. I got a barely used whyte cambridge off ebay for £400, rrp £900. Discs, carbon fork, takes rack and mudguards. You can add them, doesn't need to be a ready equipped bike

Carrera subways are quite bombproof, albeit more off roady with smaller wheels and chunky tyres
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Well-Known Member has a Specialized Secteur elite disc on a sale at the mo. Doesn't come with mudguards but you can fit them on. Heck, I'm sure if you asked nicely they'd fit them for you before sending the bike!


My son has just bought a Trek 7,2 disc, seems a pretty nice bike to ride. The LBS fitted nice guards and it came to about £450ish, so plenty of spare for a decent rack.
I tried to persuade him to go for the better componentry of a 7.3 without discs (they're only mechanical and I don't think they're that fantastic) but he was determined!
It seems definitely more road orientated with 35c semi slick tyres. Bit unrelentingly black for my taste tbh
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