Any BT Wifi users?

Ste T.

I am a BT Wifi virgin and new to bt broadband, when I click the wireless connection page I can see our secured home hub connection but there is also open, bt fon and bt openzone which are both unsecured! A neighbour said she found them on her laptop and warned me to check that others cant use those connections as they are unsecured! Is this normal or do I need to do something to secure both connections? Thank you for any replies.


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It's part of the mobile internet access they offer you. You agree to share a little of your connection and in turn get free minutes to connect to FON/Openzone hotspots elsewhere. (Same username password as your bt broadband connection)

The FON/Openzone connection does not allow access to your home network, just a siphoned off portion of your broadband bandwidth.


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Unless you have agreed to share some of your bandwidth then the bt fon connection you are seeing is probably nothing to do with your (or your neighbours) home hub. In other words someone else close by sharing theirs. You can use to check if you are sharing. BT Openzone something else - it is a network of wifi hotspots provided by BT for wifi access when you are 'out and about'. So there is also a BT Openzone within range of your computer.
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