Any building regs gurus on here?


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Does glass for garage windows have to be toughened? The windows I'm replacing are in excess of 800mm from the floor and more than 300mm from the door.

I'm guessing I don't need toughened glass as per the regs, but is there a different rule for garages?


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This probably answers all your glazing queries :angry:

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My garage windows are ordinary glass. But the garage was built in the 50's so different rules may have applied then. Personally - unless you are doing this professionally or on a new build where it'll be inspected - I'd just do what's easiest/cheapest. Who's to know???


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No requirement but if it were my garage I'd fit wired glass as fitted to fire doors. It's obscured so people can't peer in and see what's inside, and it's bloody hard work to break through. The fire brigade love and hate it in equal measure - it's fireproof, but if they need to go through it then it takes sustained hacking with a fire axe before it gives up. Burglars don't often carry fire axes.


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rsvdaz has it right, but I'd agree with battered. What you should know is that 50% of all plastic surgery time in this country is down to glass injuries. Turn round, put arm through glass, lots of blood, big scars. If it opens in such a way that you can walk in to it, then it's an absolute nobrainer. Fit toughened or laminated or georgian wired.

£300 sounds like an absolute fortune. I've just fitted a sheet of glass to a window which was iirc 800 wide and about 590 high. Annealed was about sixteen quid and toughened was a tad over twenty.
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