Any cycling buddy for evening rides in Solihull?


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Hi everyone

new to the forum, i’ve taken up road cycling this year and am really enjoying it, including going out during the dark evenings for 1hr 30 mins along quiet country roads in Solihull. Using 2x 1300 lumen lights and the experience is exhilarating! Just me, the darkness and the wildlife! However, it would be a lot more motivating/fun if I had a buddy and it would also keep the Mrs happier as she doesn‘t like me cycling in the dark. Lol

I’m a 36 yr old lad (if I can still call myself that) living in the Solihull area, West Midlands. I’d like to do 2-3 evening rides during the week.



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Try asking also on Singletrack. Although it's a mountain biking forum there are people who road ride and night riding is popular as it fits with the idea of getting out and doing things others don't do.
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