Any email experts out there..?

I've recently set a new googlemail account with pop configured, and Mozilla Thunderbird on this PC. In all there are three email addresses (different providers) set up for pop.

If I...
1. send a message from google (SMTP) to talktalk, and cc back to google.
2. send a message from talktalk (SMTP) to google, and cc back to talktalk

The talktalk cc email comes back to it's thunderbird inbox, and the google cc does not come back to it's google inbox, but stays on the google webmail server. But, the email sent from talktalk to google, does arrive in the thunderbird google inbox - so pop IS enabled. Any ideas why this is? Not the most exciting question I know :wacko: , but I'd be interested to see if anyone can shed some light...



you need to acquire the vpop address from Google and and add it as an additional account. Its most likely the same address but substitute the "smtp." prefix for "vpop." in the addressing on your clients account setting in thunderbird !
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