Any good iPhone cycling route/map viewer?


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I'm taking part in my first ever cycling event and I thought I could use an application to have the route map in case I need to navigate my way beyond the route's signs..... I currently use Trial - GPS Tracker.... one can import tracks in the form of GPX files and have an idea of where you are going.... I'm just wondering if anybody knows of a better application.

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I am told that Cyclemeter is good, but I don't have an iPhone so can't say for sure.


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im interested in using my iphone for this as presuming you get the same facilities as say a Garmin Edge?
Ive used imapmyride to track my route..but never to follow a route..the problem i had with it though was the battery life..especially if you are using the mp3/ipod as well


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rsvdaz said:
ive downloaded motion x..was able to upload a gpx on it..will let you know how i get on with it tomorrow

I've got this App myself. Very good bit of kit. think it will serve you well:becool:
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