Any idea what these scissors are designed for?

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Stitch scissors

Ligature scissors

(Notched scissor blade, cutting length 2.5 cm, total length about 13.5 cm)

These shears are universally usable in the veterinary field and in the surgical field. These scissor can hold and cut ligatures precisely.”


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Suture scissors (I believe)
DIY circumcision scissors.
Do they work @Dave7 ?
Funny but my brother suggested the same thing.

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After 32 years in the NHS I don't recall a single nurse who purchased and used their own scissors. Still, you gotta have a laugh eh?
Wow, are you in the sense of humour bypass operating theatre team, or are you a Health Visitor?

I began my training in 1989, so we are of the same vintage. They were on our pre-training kit list, we were all told to arrive with scissors, a fob watch, a dark anorak for community placements and lace up black shoes. The girls had additional items, including stockings (yes, you read that correctly), hair pins, stud earrings (we didn't get any advice on earrings as men) and an optional silver belt buckle which they would be allowed to wear on qualification.

Where did you train?
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