Any Interesting Rides From Paddington for a London Virgin?


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How far would you like to ride?

For real interest, head south the Hyde park, do a circuit and then drop down park lane...its awesome, downhill and zippy., left up along Piccadilly , past the Ritz and into Leicester square. Carry round that and down Haymarket to Trafalgar square and head right under Admiralty arch and up The Mall, wave at the queen and take a left along birdcage walk (back towards the river) and take a picture of all the phone boxes in front of Whitehall and Big Ben (you'll need to join the queue of Japanese tourists for this). Take a left and purr along the river on the embankment, taking in the London eye on the other side. (you'll see it close up on the way back). Turn left at Blackfriars and head up to the fleet street junction with Ludgate hill and do a right to St Pauls, head left across the front into paternoster square and look at the Chop house that they film first dates (or whatever its called) in. Head out and on towards london wall past the Museum and onto Clerkenwell. Stop at Look mum No Hands for hipster latte and quinoa and Lentil oat cake and oogle all the fab bikes that arrive...feel old and push on to old street, turning right down city road to the bottom and head left to tower bridge. head over the bridge and drop right onto Tooley street and past london bridge to Borough Market. stop for Brownies and a pint.

Push on along the south bank, weaving your way along the river until you get to the National theatre. stop here to check out the pop up stores and cafes (do not try to skateboard under the theatre, we have already established that you are too old) and carry on back to the London eye (told you!)

Take a right over Westminster bridge and head slightly left to Victoria (past the Chanel four building, which is a jump to the left) and wind your way up Grosvenor place a little before heading left to Sloane square. go around Sloane sqare and head up Sloane street , Put your dark glasses on so as not to be dazzled by the sun reflecting off of all the gold plated Lamborghini's (there will be a few) and turn left at number one Hyde park (by thye Mclaren showroom) past Harrods and along to the museums. turn right up exhibition way and back into hyde park. follow your steps throught he park to Paddington.

I reckon that's about 25 miles all in. should take you about 2 hours of riding and 5 hours of stopping.

Have fun.
That is a brilliant route suggestion :smile:
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