Any other Nick Drake fans?

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by badkitty, 16 Apr 2010.

  1. badkitty

    badkitty A Fiddler of ill repute

    BBC4 tonight - 9pm The Songs of Nick Drake: Way to Blue (will either be really good or really terrible..)

    and then they are repeating the documentary at

    10.30pm - Nick Drake: a Skin Too Few..

    So friday night is Nick Drake Night.:wacko:

    Am off to hunt for things behind the sun...:biggrin:
  2. PaulB

    PaulB Guru


    Ah, he was great, wasn't he?
  3. sheddy

    sheddy Guru

    Yes indeed, thanks for that
  4. upsidedown

    upsidedown Waiting for the great leap forward

    The middle bit
    i ride past the church where he's buried every day, lovely little village church.
  5. Proto

    Proto Guru

    Full time nomad
    I always found his sister more attractive.
  6. Alan Whicker

    Alan Whicker Senior Member

    Love, love, love his music.

    (he is a teensy-weensy bit overrated though :smile:)
  7. Riverman

    Riverman Über Member

    Sur de Inglaterra
    Have a guess. :-)
  8. Yellow Fang

    Yellow Fang Guru

    I like one or two of his songs, especially Pink Moon and Way to Be. I read a biography of him, which was very sad.
  9. Wolf04

    Wolf04 New Member

    Wallsend on Tyne

    Recorder is already programmed. Though I'm pretty sure I've seen the programmes before.
  10. johnsie

    johnsie New Member

    Yes, and John Martyn too...... But for a cracking folk singer/guitarist, try Nic Jones....
  11. Yes me. I like a lot of melancholy singers who are now dead:
    Nick Drake
    Elliot Smith
    Mark Linkous

    I like John Martyn's early stuff too.
  12. OP

    badkitty A Fiddler of ill repute

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