Any recommendations for Mountain Bike small budget

Discussion in 'Mountain Biking, Trials and BMX' started by gmw492, 29 Dec 2017.

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    The North
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    You might just thank me for this...

    do yourself a favour and go check out the Carrera Krakens at halfords :becool:.. brand new they cost £450. I have the 2015 white and blue edition that I picked up second hand for 250 and its by far the best bike I've ever had. It beats my old DiamondBack Racing MTB that I used to actually use to commute to work that cost me £1300 at the time. The good thing about these bikes is the spec on them is pretty sweet (27.5'' Wheels, Clarkes M2 Hydraulic Brakes, 180mm Front Rotor, 160mm Back Rotor, Fierce looking frames and not to forget the lovely wide handlebars :notworthy:.. the new ones at Halfords have been nerfed in terms of visual, they've grown a bit boring :blink: but spec remains the same if not better. The new ones also come in red or white and have a built in protective coat on your frame that the older editions don't have. Ideal bike for getting to A to B, traveling to work or even hitting hardcore downhill trails :hyper:.. I swear these bikes are Halfords best kept secret. The kraken is the type of bike you could genuinely go off course from work and hit some trails after a long-shift if you wanted to. It also feels very much worth a lot more than the price you pay for one brand new. You could tell someone the bike cost you £1000 and they wouldn't question it other than the fact it says Carrera. Very good bikes. Lockable 120mm Suspension is amazing as well.. its like landing on a cloud on every jump.
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