Any Samsung phone experts out there...?


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Does anyone know if it's possible to create stories in Gallery without having the app incorporate Comic Sans-level animations all over the place? Googling just takes me to places telling me how to create stories by choosing photos, but I can find no option to not include nauseating doodling added by default by the visionary geniuses at Samsung Software.


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This is all I can find.. Surely, if you have the option of adding music & effects, there should be an option to not have any, at least to get rid of the stock box of tricks?

MrsPete has a Samsung but I'm not allowed to mess about with it in case I change her ringtone to Hells Bells or summat..


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Open a story, and then as it's playing you should have two menus at the bottom, one for the soundtrack and the other for effects, text comments etc, you can select it all to be "off". I think the key thing is you have to be in a particular story, in editing mode (I.e. before you save it). You can't apply blanket changes in a "gallery" of stories.


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Thanks. I got there by fumbling around and you're spot on - you have to play it, then it's the button for effects, where you have to choose Basic, and then it's all good.

If you don't pay attention, Samsung reverts to some horrible cheerful whistling tune for the background music, but you can override it if you remember.

Next step is to try to find a way to set a time limit for the whole thing. Mine kept running to 1.12 or something, and Instagram only takes a minute, maximum.

It's a 12 step programme...
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