Any silversmiths, hallmark experts on here?


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Does anyone here know much about hallmarks and the like?
I've got a cigarette case and I'd love to have a little more info if anyone can help?

A bit of background:
The case belonged to my paternal grandfather, he died when my dad was 2, so around 1942. My nan later remarried and anything that related to my dad's dad was hidden away or, I assume, binned. When my nan died, over 25 years ago, and they were sorting through her stuff they found this cigarette case in a box, along with a photo of my grandfather, which would have been the first time my dad knew what his dad looked like.
I heard about the cigarette case, but thought it had gone in the bin, however, my dad gave it to me last weekend. There have been some efforts to find out more about it, as it has rather an interesting design on the front. However, I've not posted that just yet, the pic below is of the back.
So far as I can tell, from furious googling, it was made in Birmingham in 1929, but when it comes to any information on the design, I'm drawing a blank, and I may well be wrong on the place and date too.

If anyone knows about these things, it'd be great to have some extra information about it. Thanks.






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M.H.M.: the Birmingham company that made the piece
Anchor: Birmingham mark
Lion: British
C: Year made, in this case 1927

Value, around £30.
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In those days the swastika was a symbol of good luck and prosperity. There is one on Ruskin’s memorial in Coniston for instance, another on the hall in Bowness.
Yes, that's right :smile:
My granddad didn't serve in the army, he was a fireman in London, so there's very little likelihood that he wrestled the case from some German on the Western Front.

I was hoping that one of the design numbers would give some clue to it, if it was a standard design, or something that was commissioned, but I've drawn a blank on anything to do with swastikas.


The value of stuff like this (and fob watches etc) are generally 'frozen in time'. Most are kept in a drawer and dusted off every few years and valued at 'x' and since that isn't (quite) enough to "lose' such a great heirloom ;) they go back in the drawer, so a few years later they are again pulled out of said drawer and go to be valued and are then strangely 'x' and a bit, but the 'a bit' bit (IYSWIM) is just the increase due to precious metals prices - but since inflation is always nipping at the feet of precious metal prices and lets face it YCBA to find a buyer so the item goes back in the drawer again.
Rinse and repeat.
Until stuff is broken and disappears so the rest becomes rarer, or is melted down so the pool of heirlooms/tat (delete as appropriate) makes the remaining rarer then it's simply in the drawer inflating with inflation, and so is barely ahead of Ag Au prices.
Just put heirlooms like photos in the bin now, but do save a random 4, basically that's where the kids will chuck photos (saving just a much randomer 4), though they might dither if they knew photography needed silver and not just the very much more expensive ink :wacko:


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I'm not interested in the value, well, I might be if it was worth millions, but its not.
I do think it has an interesting and, these days, controversial design. It would have been nice to have found out more about it, unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'll be able to just yet.
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