Any World cup jokes ?

probably already done the rounds in England, but as I'm reliant on the bush telegraph..

I hear BP is going to employ Rob Green after the world cup as he's good with spills.

Whats the difference between BP spill and Rob Green's spill ? Rob Green got a cap for his.

Rob Green spent 5 hours hard training yesterday. In that time he didn't concede a single goal. Not one goal. Tomorrow himself and Emile Heskey are going to train with the rest of the England squad.


Not mine before i am abused, but.....

give £2 a month to a hungry african and what do they do. . . . . .buy a f@*king trumpet!!


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The South Africa world cup is like marriage... you feel you ought to be enjoying it, but there's this annoying noise in the background all the time... :biggrin:
as opposed to a defender who's always injured and can't defend?


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my wife barely notices the racket all those vuvuzelas make throughout the matches, she's use to hearing a tirade of horns every time she pulls out at a roundabout :ohmy:
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