anybody been on the Wallaby Path recently?


pre-talced and mighty
Dear Mr. Fordham

Further to our conversation I enclose a map extract showing the route of the bridleway from Haroldslea to Perrylands, with an arrow superimposed to show the location of that part of the brideway which has degenerated into a quagmire rendering it all but impassable to cycles.

Your colleagues in the RoW section will know better than I what can be done, but it may be that putting a geotextile layer and gravel on the path would bring it back to good health.

The route is one of the few quiet cycling routes from west to east under the M23, and it seems a shame that fifteen metres of path might deter people from using it......

With many thanks

Simon Legg

Dear Simon

Some repair work has been done and hopefully the bridleway is now passable in comfort.


Alan Fordham
Cycling Officer
Surrey County Council
County Hall
Penrhyn Road
Kingston upon Thames
And the Wallaby path is saying:

"Try me can you go down, sport. Try me - can you go down?" Ba da badaba da...(© Rolf Harris)


pre-talced and mighty
we did it today. The worst part, the eastern end, has been resurfaced. There's still some muddy bits a little further west, but it's do-able if the weather has been dry. And the bollards are still there.
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