Anybody fancy a pint?


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Can't go out for my regular Thursday evening pint so... who's for a virtual pint?

Proper beer only mind, no Euro-piss. What's yours? Post a picture on here. I'm having one of these:


Mad Doug Biker

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Any dark real ale, but unfortunately I have given up the drink, grrr!!
Me please (unsurprisingly, just to pre-empt the predictable comments about my avatar).
I would like: Farmers Blonde; Herefordshire Pale Ale or any other refreshingly citrussy light bitter which you can drink loads of and not get too drunk (and also that doesn't give you colossal wind...:smile:).
Working my nuts off today and would like a reward for it.


Just call me Chris...
I'll have one of these please, cheers :smile:



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Pint of Bluebird ale please, will drinking larger during the election tonight though. Election drinking game please :smile:


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Sh4rkyBloke said:
Me, although I don't really do "proper beer". :biggrin:

Can I just sneak a bottle of Bud, please? :smile:
NO! Naff Off!

American pop is as despicable as Euro-piss.
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