Anybody have a compass on the handle bars?

Dave Davenport

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I always used to have one cable tied to the stem, as others have said, just as handy in a city as the countryside. I've had to take it off and now keep it in one of the pannier outer pockets though since getting a Ortlieb bar bag, as the magnets on the closure screw the compass up.


The OP has not been on the site since 2010 ........
Oops, I really should check these things.


I'm still fairly new here and I found the thread interesting. Just because a thread is old, it doesn't mean nobody wants to read it! ^_^

I've never thought of carrying a compass but I do have one, so I might put it in my little bag just in case I need it.
It can be really useful.. Esp at the end of the day, if you're tired, and trying to make the map fit your desires..

It's good to double check, and be sure you're not cycling in completely the wrong direction - like away from the pub :blush:


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He'll be ok, he has a compass.
He won't realise magnetic north has drifted in those 8 years...

Heltor Chasca

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Having lived in both hemispheres, I can confirm people still get lost in either, with or without a compass. They are all the same and work regardless. Usual adjustment for magnetic north applies which is marked on decent maps.

It’s true what they say about the direction of water spiralling down a plug hole though. If this bothers you, plug hole adapters can be purchased from all good outdoor retailers.
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