Anybody have a compass on the handle bars?


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It's the same guy :okay:
AFAIK he's alive & well on the south coast of the UK :okay:
Why did i ever get into this? :biggrin:

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I keep one permanently trapped inside the map pocket on the top of my bar bag. Far enough away from anything ferrous which might influence it.
My bar bag has a loop for the compass, one of those small flat ones with a cover, but I prefer the larger lensatic compass, and one of those map measurement devices. Which reminds me, I need to remount my handlebar bag on the Trek when I get the winter overhaul done. I have thought about going to Harbor Freight and getting a sextant, from time to time. For the running fix.


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No compass on the handlebars but I do carry a lensatic compass in the handlebar bag, but I yet to ever use it because I've never gotten so lost I needed one! In fact even when I use to hike I never used the compass, but I always carried one just in case.


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BOAB's ears will be burning lol
I've got him on FB, he's fine, still cycling lots, still playing the guitar.
Gone to the other side
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