Anybody here a Diplomacy player?

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by NickM, 18 Mar 2008.

  1. NickM

    NickM Veteran

    It's a terrific board game - no significant element of chance, all skill. The rules governing the mechanics of the game are fairly simple, but there are absolutely no limits on double dealing and skulduggery. It is every bit the equal of chess, poker and bridge, in my opinion, and is used by AI researchers as a pretty good measure of machine intelligence.

    The game is usually played by e-mail these days, because of the difficulty of getting 7 sufficiently committed people in one place for the requisite amount of time.

    I think there are several forummers who would be rather good at it :smile:
  2. Flying_Monkey

    Flying_Monkey Toll Collector on the Road to Nowhere

    I used to play it. Mind you I used to like Supremacy too. Risk with nukes.
  3. YES

    I cannot stand most board games, the thought of a grown man excitedly shaking a dice somehow puts me off. Diplomacy is head and shoulders above every other game I know.

    I have played off and on for 20 years. Mates get-togethers to start then postal and now as NickM says by email.

    A stab at tempting you in….
    No dice no chance. You are one of seven countries trying to take over Europe at the turn of the century.
    You all write down orders and move at the same time – forces combine to take over territory from the others, BUT you are all equal in power so need to work with someone else to get on, but ultimately you cannot be friends with them for ever.
    It is fairly ruthless, a knockout game with the complexity of chess but the simplicity of drafts.

    The link NickM put is the best place to go. is a dedicated site that sets up the games and runs them automatically. There are games for new players on there. Playing on the site is as easy as posting on CC.

    Email games go on for a few months. You can play without but it is better with “press” between players. A game can take up say an hour a week in odd bursts longer if you are keen. Most players have a few games on the go at the same time.

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