Anyone else having Garmin upload problems today?


If 6 Was 9
As per title.
Been out for a ride today and unable to upload ride to Garmin Connect. Using Edge 510 and Bluetooth via mobile to upload. Keeps coming back as ''Upload failed'.
I know there was a problem accessing the Connect site last night - is it an ongoing thing?

Danny B

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I uploaded a ride last night OK but yes Garmin have been having major issues and it seems to be sporadic on when things work ok or don't. I updated my Edge 810 with the new software last week and couldn't then connect to any thing via blue tooth. Contacted Garmin support and ended up having to do a Factory reset on the unit and lost all my previous rides. Luckily I had managed to upload these to Garmin connect.


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Random Garmin upload issues have been ongoing for 5 years now. It's one of the many "features" Garmin provides free of charge.
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