Anyone ever used a rain cape?

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Has anyone had any experience with rain capes?

I'm quite tempted, as the 'water resistant' jacket I've got at the moment basically lets me get soaked, and I'm wondering if I'd be better off just getting a cape. I've heard they're quite good for keeping you ventilated.

My main problem would be that my lights are attached to my handlebars, si I've either got to move them or I'd have to cut a hole in the cape for them to pop through.


I did years ago,they had loops to hook over your handlebats(two)but you need good mudguards to stop getting wet underneath to get the benefit,and strong wind was sometimes a problem,but i found it ok at the time.I think now a cheap waterproof top would be easier though.My lights were attatched to the forks and rear down tubes then,so didnt cause a problem either.


they look silly and impractical to me, a proper water proof (ish) top should stop you getting soaked

you can't expect a 'resistant' top to to do anything more that keep wet air out
yes i have one but don't use it much now. the two loops go on your thumbs not the bars.
mines a carradice one and is now slightly too small for me.
they're great when there's heavy rain and it's not too windy.
one of my clubmates still uses one and is always a lot dryer than we are wearing jackets, as he's not sweating due to the better air circulation..
strong winds are a problem, but it does solve the problem of having a leak at the roadside without getting caught!
as you say lights are a problem but the two people i know who use them have made brackets to lower the lights.
good mudgaurds are essential


I cannot think of any item made for use on a bike that is any less practical than a rain cape. Much the water comes from below, neatly circumventing the cape. The sheer area on display will act as a sail, making headway in traffic, with wind about the most dangerous thing you do and they look ridiculous.


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Poncho's might be hard to find, good ones moreso. AGU make pretty good ones IMO:

I use a cheap non brand poncho (presumably from the far east) on my Dutch bike. I bought it at a LBS. Quality isn't great, although unlike the AGU ones it has a integrated hood which I find good for keeping the rain from leaking in through the collar. Sweat is less of a problem compared to a rain jacket. It is fairly good at protecting me from rain, but the lower leg area doesn't escape some splatter. High wind speeds can pose a problem.
They might be good at keeping you dry but I don't fancy cycling with a giant parachute, having said that I've never tried one ;).


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HLaB said:
I don't fancy cycling with a giant parachute

How about a body condom?:

Josie Dew swears by them....

My wife bought one on her reccomendation.

As a female rider, crouching down by the roadside wearing your cape affords a modesty lacking in waterproof jackets.

SO as a "Port-a loo" they get my wife's vote, but she prefers a waterproof jacket for the rain!

John the Monkey

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Tynan said:
you can't expect a 'resistant' top to to do anything more that keep wet air out

That's quite possibly the truest thing I've read on here.

Personally, I just resign myself to getting wet (although my commute is only 30-40 mins or so). As long as I'm warm, I don't find it too bad. Rain around here tends to be accompanied by strong winds, so turning out in a large windcatching cape doesn't seem the best idea to me...


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I actually still use a rain cape from time to time. The advantage of a cape is that it folds up pretty small, but will keep most of your body dry when you wear it.

I tend to stuff it into my pannier when I am doing short rides in ordinary street or work clothes, and need something that will keep me dry if it suddenly rains.

It does look a bit silly, but I have also had people stop and ask me where they can get hold of one.
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