Anyone good at identifying bird calls?


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We have a lot of mature trees/bushes in our garden/neighbouring gardens, and there are loads of twittery things, pretty much all year round (I feed them too)... the dawn chorus is lovely :bicycle:
But in last few weeks, I keep hearing a call I've not heard before, but which I suspect is "common-or-garden :wacko: "

I like birdwatching, but not obsessively, so I may not know their names, but I like the experience of watching the critturs. Anyway, this call, if you are musical, can be replicated note-wise on a keyboard by going C-D-E-C, with each note being about a quaver long. The bird has other calls, but these blend in with the general kerfuffle... it's just this little ditty that stands out.
Cycle chatters are an incredible mine of information, so... anyone know?


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It’s the mating call of the c-dec bird :wacko:
I can't deal in quavers, Quavers maybe but not quavers. A real chirpy distinctive breed is the Goldfinch, very piercing and melodic. Normally they perch high up and sing, difficult to see, got any of them about?

Edit: Goldfinch


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You must have a real passion for birds because normally your posts aren't longer than two words let alone 2 paragraphs :ohmy:. Your posts are memorable for their brevity.

Sorry don't know the answer to your question. Perhaps you can record the said bird and place it on twitter to find out what variety it is?

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Have a play round on here
and see if you can identify it.
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