Anyone know a good cycle shop around Clitheroe?


Clitheroe, UK
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Ok, I'm really fed up of my front wheel now. In the past three days it's gone through two tyres and three inner tubes. My friend who is quite a big bike expert can't really find out why it's doing this either so he said I should take it to a shop. Unfortunately, I don't know which shop is best around me as there seems to be quite a few.
Can anyone recommend a bike shop about 10 miles around the Clitheroe area? Having a look on Google Maps there's about 10 but none of them have reviews. All I want from it is to sort out my front wheel. When it went today I was going at about 15mph. It was quite scary when it went. Nearly fell over...


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Ewood Cycles on Bolton Rd in Blackburn, they are just before you get to Ewood Park ( BRFC ) and across the road from the Aqueduct pub.
I lived in Blackburn for quite a long time and IME they know their stuff.


When you say "gone through two tyres" what exactly do you mean. Are they being damaged when they go flat? Common causes of repeated punctures can be spoke ends protruding through the nipples; rim tape missing or not fitted well; sharp spots on the wheel rim wall; tubes not fitted properly and being pinched. As you have used different tyres it is unlikely to be something left in the tyre. Where are the holes in the tube when it punctures, that will give you a clue as to the cause, and what do the holes actually look like.

I have just googled the bike you say you ride, the Carerra Crossfire, and it comes up as a hybrid. Does it have 700c wheels. Just a thought, I take it you are not using Presta valves through a Schrader valve hole in the rim.
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