Anyone still using studded tyres?


I am and have done since 3rd January. I commute in a very rural area and the hills on the way to work are generally north facing. There was ice for some of my journey at the start of April. I leave home at about 5:30am before the day gets light and warmer.

Anyway, I had a close shave with a bus on the way home, I was going downhill, the road narrows and there are usually cars parked on the uphill side. I get to this point at about the same time as a bus service going the other way. The top of the hill is a nearly blind bend, I couldn't see anything coming the other way so put my foot down to get up speed for the hill on the other side of the dip. I get to the parked cars at about 20mph and a bus just drives around them up the hill towards me. I can see no gap between the bus a the verge so I slam on the brakes and lock up the rear wheel, how I missed the bus I do not know!

This is the location,217.64,,0,5

I met the front of the bus just next to the gravel lane on the left and it was the same car parked on the right.

Back to the tyres, I checked them when I got home and found I have damaged the rubber and ripped out 5 studs from the rear, maybe it is time to go back to my Marathon Plus.


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I switched my route to avoid the dicier bit and used the hybrid with wider slicks during the ice, i did not bother with studs.
was a bit dicey in some parts and i know a guy at work fell off and still has problems with his shoulder.
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