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Do you mean photos when you click on someone's profile?

I'd have thought that if you wanted a pic, you could have one as your avatar (although my having photoshop on this computer helped - possibly not everyone can manage to reduce a picture sufficiently well!)


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Oh, cool about the photo, any chance you could scan it and send me a copy?

I'm assuming it wasn't this one... :?:

As for pics in avatars, I sort of like having my elephant now. Partly, I like not giving away immediately that I'm a girl! Back at C+, people sometimes didn't realise unless they looked at the profile - and they had to be a member to look at a profile I think... Also, that pic might not reduce so well to a tiny size... If we could attach a pic separately to our profiles, like before, I'd do it.

When you say you've done it, I suspect your avatar of not being entirely an accurate representation of you...
Well, and anyone else's for that matter.

On that other site Arch had a rather nice, smiley photo of her cheating her way up a big hill. I miss it.


So do I. I've tried to put my old C+ photo in but it's too big to fit.

(Realises that ten posts on the subject of big heads will follow, but posts anyway.)


If she keeps handling him like that he'll be more of a boy soprano!

No wonder he's gone all stiff :?:
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