Are goods from abroad still coming in this country?


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Last September, the sliding door of the shower cubicle exploded. The plumber came to check the size and ordered a new one from our local plumb centre.. The insurance paid up but we are still waiting for the door to arrive from China. Luckily we can use the en suite shower in our bedroom but it is taking rather a long time for the ship to cross those seas.


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Most of the raw materials at work are imported from various suppliers round the world. There was the usual slowdown/stop Xmas to new year, but regular suppliers are still coming in.
saying that anything coming through the docks is being delayed, even collecting empty containers for us to load is taking drivers most of the day and arriving to us late.


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Hong Kong
The UK-Hong Kong supply chain was seriously disrupted throughout Xmas and New Year due to the HK Gov's temporary but strict travel ban for flights to/from the UK.

Seems to be easing up now as I'm now getting mail that was due about 3 weeks ago.


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There are short term delays in fruit being imported to our company but no disaster yet.
We had a £134 bill for customs clearance at DHL depot for a parcel of spare parts from Spain yesterday, goods valued at circa £800. No one seems to know if this is going to be the norm or if companies can get an exemption, its took us by surprise.
This could be quite important if the same applies to normal might be in for a shock.


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Presumably they need the specification for the particular shower cubicle (as just a door not the whole thing) which was originally made in China?

Otherwise why not just cancel the delayed order and buy from existing stock in U.K. (if there is any)
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