Are helmet cams sad?

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I was thinking about getting ones of these for my bike for when I was out on some runs but do you think I would look like a pure stato or something? I dont want the local neds to stone me like in some kinda Monty Python manner.

I reckon it would be good if you were doing a sportive or the like for thoes that have one whats the script with the cables and memory storage, I mean like for 30mins video how may gb is that? what kinda time do you get out a cam?

Is it in mpg mpg4 format can you convert to dvd or xvid/divx, dont want to go too much stato on you with the tech if your not tech in the head but I just want to ken what I should look for if I get you ken it :eek:


I can't comment on other cameras, but the Oregon Scientific ATC2K, which is fairly common due to it's cheap price, has no cables when in normal use, since it's entirely self contained. When connected to a PC it just uses a bog standard USB cable, with a normal type-A connection at the PC end, and Mini-B at the camera end.

The ATC2K uses Motion-JPEG inside an AVI wrapper. You should be able to easily convert that to pretty much any other format, such as MPEG or Div-X, assuming you have suitable Codecs installed.

At it's highest quality and speed (640x480, 30fps) it uses about 1GByte for 30 minutes. I use a 2G SD-Card and get just over 1 hour from it generally. Since a 2G card is the biggest you can get, that's the limit at this data rate, although if you are willing to drop to 160x120 and 15fps, I think you can get over 13 hours from it!


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Tim's covered the techy stuff - I'd just add that you can mount the ATC2000 (we need a snappier name for it!) on your handlbars, where it's a little less conspicuous, although there can be more shake that way...


These cameras are quite good for the money (providing you don't pay top whack). The quality is a bit limited though, as you can see from the video on my website of my descent from Mont Ventoux.....
Yer Maw Mate Yer Maw said:
Sure thats sound advice, on the bars would be ideal so yous reckon the best one to go for it the ATC2000?

For the money it pretty much the only option. you can obviously spend a lot more but it does the job and thats all that matters.

Thx for the vid, took a bit of time to buffer up so I sourced it out with wget if you ken me like.


Are you really from Glasgow? Ken is very east coast...:biggrin:


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My first helmet camera was a bullet camera going to a recorder in my bag. Quality was amazing but the wires and batteries were quite challenging to stash securely without straining connectors and plugs. Also had to avoid garroting myself with the cable. :biggrin:

I recently upgraded to the Archos system which is *very* good indeed. The camera is still quite small and unobtrusive, all the power comes from the small Archos recorder that I can slip into the back pocket of my jersey and it has a cool little remote/mic with lights and a clip. The whole thing feels very solid and connectors also seem very high quality and secure, looks like this one should last a while. The only drawback is that they say it isn't waterproof... so I haven't been using it much in the rain. Works pretty good in the dark though.

I use it on the commute and on the weekend and longer evening rides. I try do to capture the nice and funny stuff but it's good to know that things are at least being recorded if I were to have a run in with someone or something.

Do you have any details about the archaos system i.e. what bullet cam you use, approximate costs etc. I'm sure others would be interested and I would like to know just in case I come into any money!:biggrin:


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Yeah, this is pretty much my setup:
I went for the Archos 604 because it also has Wi-Fi and a touch screen so you can browse the internet from it too as well as watch videos and play music. have got the Archos 404 for 135 quid and then their helmet camera is about 90 quid on top of that. So it's not the cheapest kit but not massively expensive either and you do have 30Gigs to record onto along with about four hours run time from the battery.
Plus you can use it if you want to watch a movie on the train or listen to some music. So it has many other uses. :biggrin:
Andy, look what you've made me do! I am concerned what will happen in the winter as the atc 2000 will be pretty poor in low light.

I've looked at hard disk recorders and I can get a cheapy PVR-H230 for £75.97 which includes postage from

I could get the 420 actioncameras helmet camera from wiggle for £83.99.

(Or the 480 for £115).

Total just under £160.

Does anyone have idea if this set up will be any good?

I have some back pay due to me over the next couple of months, although I did have other more pratical things to spend it on..........:thumbsup::thumbsup:
Your not far off there sharkybloke. The money is supposed to buying us a new fridge freezer!:thumbsup:

I'm sure we really don't need an ice-maker.....:thumbsup:
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Aye ken its the east cost but west cost as well if your down in the likes of Ayrshire but true the kenners are east coasters, but I am Glasgow myself :thumbsup:

Right so this Archos 604 as I see it will set you back £200 its a good bit of kit as it comes, I have some Archos hardware myself and its not too bad.

Has anyone had any luck putting a mobby phone on the bars? I have a K750i with a 1GB memory card If I cxan get some kinda fitting I would give it a go.

Anyway the ATC2000 seems to me that its is totally heed the baw :thumbsup:

So yeah it has the thumbs up :?:
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