Are my tyres too thin?


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So as I'm reading more and more about "road biking" im starting to think my tyres are too thin...they are 700x23c.

Is this ok for my 16mile RT commute? or is there loads of benefits to going wider?

Also I keep reading about lighter this and lighter bike is frankly damn heavy but the way I see it, im cycling to get fit, so surely a heavier bike is better?


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23c are absolutely fine. This is what I use. Anything bigger is for a tractor ! :tongue:


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I think (most likely wrong) wider is a smoother ride. I have 25 on my road and 35 on hybrid not noticed any difference in speed.

If your cycling to get fit, no need to worry about the weight, as your fitness improves you will wonder what all the fuss was about ;)


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I have slick 19's on my fixed and knobbly 42's on my cross. I love both. Ride whatever's comfy for you. If 23's feel too thin, maybe try something a bit bigger like slick 28's, which seems a good compromise between drag, weight bearing, and comfort; that's what came with my cross when new, and was great on-road, and down rough tracks.


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More important is how much air you have in 'em. You should be running at 90/100 psi for optimum efficiency (though best check the rating on the sidewall). Its a damned lot easier to pump up a 23 than a 33 :smile:

I would only go wider if the road is very rough or I'm carrying heavy loads. Easier to pair down what you carry - makes for a much easier and pleasant commute.


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25's on one bike and 35's on the other, I find the 35's much smoother on these pot holed roads, don't have to dodge as much of the rough stuff :thumbsup:


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My roads are pretty good to be honest, im just home now and dont think I will change them, they work good.
I must say I am absolutely loving this! what a buzz, making good time, getting a good sweat but not at all soul destroying as I found running to be. I just hope grim winter rain isnt off putting.


23's on both race bikes,but probably going to fit 25's to the Triban commuter. Slightly smoother ride and more weight on the bike with pannier
23 on the road bike which I use in fine weather for commuting. 35 on the cyclocross which I use for 'wet or might be wet' weather commuting. I don't really notice a great deal of difference in comfort - unless I drop the psi in the cyclocross tyres from 80 to 50*, in which case it's slower, but as good as suspension!

* I tend to only do this in icy weather, though whether this is actually advisable I don't know... It gives me more confidence in the grip though!
I commute currently on 23mm's too, more rubber might be more advisable in winter but I've used my previous road bikes throughout winter in the past no problem (also 23mm's) and the only time I've ever had a slide out has been on wider tyres; I think psi and how you attack bends is more important.
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