Are Other Bike Manufacturers Web Support Pages As Bad As Specialized's?

Cletus Van Damme

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I just wondered as I am fairly new to cycling but I expected the technical support pages to be correct. My 2010 Secteur Sport triple was making creaking noises from the BB area so I decided to change the BB as it was so cheap. I decided to buy one off Ebay after consulting the technical support page for my bike and this said that the size was 68mm x 118mm so that is what I bought along with a tool for removing it. When I removed the BB it was actually a 68mm x 121mm so the one I bought according to what Specialized said is actually 3mm too short. As I said I am new to cycling but thought better of fitting it even though it is only 3mm. The ironic thing about it was that I read a review about the BB on CRC or somewhere and a guy said ignore what you read on the Specialized website as it is shite. At least I know from now on to check myself to make sure. I should of asked on here as I know I would of got the correct advice. Unless my bike has had the wrong BB fitted or something in the factory :rolleyes:

I was also going to buy a new seat post clamp off these specs, I think I will measure it first to be on the safe side.


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Email them, they're very helpful
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