Are there any singers whose voice you intensely dislike ?

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Christ! I don’t think the internet is big enough for my list.


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Without naming names, I really detest the ghastly warbly vibrato opera style of singing, mostly sopranos, though blokes can also be prone to this. I find it harsh and ugly. Can't they pitch the note accurately ?

On the other hand I could listen to Emma Kirkby all day. She generally specialises in "early music", whether opera or madrigals and such. And in other genres, Ella Fitzgerald or Debbie Harry have an impeccable sense of pitch, and fantastic voices.
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Anyone who has a poor little me, croaky voice.

My Dad would have been with you on that one

very strange Liverpool accent
My Dad reckoned she started out with a real one - was persuaded by London executives to loose it
Then the Beatles happened and it was suddenly cool to have one so she re-learned it
but it never really worked

never heard anyone from the whole area that sounds anything like her - just weird!

Oh - and on topic - any operatic soprano
can;t stand the whole tone they use
ESPECIALLY that warbley thing - goes right through me

I did hear one once that was brilliant - no-idea who it was but it was someone famous and seemed to manage to do it without warbling annoyingly and with a more natural tone
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