Are you a look back or look forward person?

Are you a look forward or a look back person?

  • Love planning new stuff, can't wait for the next adventure.

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  • I like an adventure and it gets better the more I think of it?

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  • Both, the last one was good but the next one will be better

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What gives you the most pleasure, thinking of adventures new or reviewing adventures old. I suspect most of you are adventures new people, though I personally admit to framing the future by referencing the past and enjoy looking at piccies and write up's from past adventures.


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While I'm riding my bike, I tend to look forwards more than I look backwards - it helps in preventing the loss of teeth :biggrin:

(I'll get me coat)


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User76 said:
I take a much more 'Gestalt' outlook on life. Basically, you can't change the past, you can't know the future, so lets live with what is happening here and now.

In these polls I always hate it when someone does the 'What about this or that option', but on this occassion I have to do just that:blush:

So, it's fun to look back, it's great to plan, but what is happening now is the most important.

I've travelled a lot in my adult life and have plenty of good memories and experiences to look back on.

But I don't dwell on them or live in the past, I think of future possibilities and plan for weekends off, holidays, long-term travels and future places-to-live plans. :biggrin:

I want to work as little as possible, as I live to live! :biggrin:


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Writ large across my sons bedroom wall

" there are two things that make you suffer
1. Thinking about the past
2. Thinking about the future "

I've been thinking about that............
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