Argos to stop printing catalogue after almost 50 years


The laminated book of dreams


This has just led me to discover that Marshall Ward (surely the discerning teenager's catalogue of choice?) became Isme which then became and is still going strong online. I'm heartened by this!

Makes sense to stop printing the catalogue I guess, though I did once use it for colour matching with a client who was 200 miles away in Harrogate and didn't have a Pantone book - it was a handy, ubiquitous reference point.


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Argos have stopped printing their catalogue because the rise of online shopping has made it redundant.

I reckon it's really because the rise of online porn has made the shower page redundant to adolescent boys.
You could always turn to Freeman’s or Kay’s Catalogue for a look at the underwear section. Rarely disappointed, with many of the models sporting underwear which had shadows in very interesting places.

Of course, nothing beats the joy of a teenage cycle ride in the country and happening upon discarded jazz mags in the hedgerows. Internet porn has surely had an adverse impact on the uptake of cycling amongst teenage boys.
Book of dreams perhaps, book of nightmares if you're a parent...
Kids are way too savvy for the Argos catalogue. A number of years ago my bosses offspring produced a Christmas list fully costed with hyperlinks to the relevant items on the Argos website.
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