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I wasn't sure where to put this question & thought that beginners might be the right place.

I have noticed over the last few weeks or so, that I am getting wrist ache and sometimes my hands can go a bit pins & needley. It seems to happen on rides over about 25 miles. I've tried stopping for coffee and a breather but the pins and needles come back once I start riding again. The doc says that its a cycling thing, not a health thing.
I have tried moving my seat about to get a more comfortable position for my hands. I have turned my handlebar stem over too and I am now out of ideas. I read somewhere about not putting too much weight through my arms but I cannot for the life of me work out how to put less weight through my arms. I never used to have this issue, I am wondering if its age related somehow, my core muscles are not what they were when I was competing in triathlons.
Any advice would be gratefully received. Hubby says that he is getting arm ache too.

I am 5'8", short backed, long legged riding a medium size Giant Defy 2 if it helps at all.


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I get hand numbness when I go cycling/tootling with my wife. I never get it on my commute. I put it down to riding style.

When I'm out with my wife we tend to ride very leisurely so I'm not really working whereas on my commute I tend to go a lot faster (not that fast though by most people's standards) so I'm probably moving my hands around more.

I would have thought you may have a bit too much weight on your arms but that may not be the case. When you are in the riding position can you let go of the bars and move into an upright position without straining you back and hips. If you can then your weight distribution, front and back may be ok.

Have you tried or do you use padded gloves and may be neoprene wrist supports, just and idea.

Have you tried having a word with a good LBS?


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i struggled with pins and needles in my hands on rides after the same kind of distance as yourself. after a lot of good advice from cc guys on here, i purchased a pair of ladies specialized gloves. well padded around the bottom of the hand area and they make a real difference.
i'd definately recommend them. best £20 i spent. no problems now, so much more enjoyable.


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Thank you for your replies. I shall go chat with an LBS, we have a lot of choice here. A little trip to Diss might well be on the cards this week.
I do use padded gloves, but I think that its fair to say that they could do with replacing as some of the padding is a tad flat, especially near the bottom of my hand. I shall go and get new ones :smile: I am going to retape my bars this week too.

When I am riding, I can let go of the bars and get into an upright position without straining anything. I might try some neoprene wrist support as well. I smashed my right wrist a couple of years back and made a right mess and its still not right. Interestingly its my left hand and wrist that seem to give me the most issues.
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