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Discussion in 'Components, Accessories and Clothing' started by geo, 10 Aug 2012.

  1. geo

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    Is it really that good ? I'm looking for some new shorts and a pair of tights (ready for the cooler mornings) having scoured a few sites it has struck me just how expensive Assos gear is, compared to other brands. Does anybody swear by it and is it worth the extra money. I used Altura tights last winter and had no problems at all with them but I cant compare them with any others, as I dont have any other make.

  2. gavintc

    gavintc Guru

    Most people who own Assos swear by it. My wife loves her Assos shorts and shirts and finds the pad the most comfortable. I got a pair of bibs a few years ago and never really liked them, preferring Giordana and Santini which are both cheaper. I suppose our arses are all quite personal.
  3. yello

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    A French desert
  4. Mr Haematocrit

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    I have assos bib shorts and jerseys and they are pretty reasonable imho, when you ask are they that that good, what are you comparing it to? - Average middle of the road stuff, yes its that good. If your comparing it to a Castelli san remo speed suit jersey and shorts combo then no assos is not that good, its not even close imho
  5. It is good kit, but the prices are excessive, IMO. You can buy better value kit for far less.
  6. jayonabike

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    As with everything you get what you pay for. Assos is good quality, very good quality. I'm 6ft 3'' with long arms. In the winter I was forever puling the sleeves down on my long sleeved tops as they were riding up above my wrists ( a specialized top and a dhb top, both around £60-£70) I bought this long sleeve Assos top as the sleeves were much longer. No longer pulling at my sleeves, and the way it is cut means that when your leant forward in cycling position on the bike it is the perfect fit and 'locks' into shape.
    Also worth a look is Rapha. Their bibshorts are better than Assos IMO, the pad is thicker and ever so comfy, and the material is a little thicker so not so see-thru. I looked at both and went for the Rapha.
    The Rapha short sleeve tops are worth a look as well. I have the country jersey and it is my favourite cycling jersey, stuff in the rear pockets doesn't move around, it also has a clever little pocket to fit a pump in and the zip on the security pocket can be opened with one hand in gloves easily. Rapha are having a bit of a sale on at the moment too.
  7. Rob3rt

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    Rapha kit is great quality and it looks super stylish too.

    The Rapha Condor Sharp team kit is IMO the nicest of all pro team kits.
  8. Fantastic kit and lasted really well on tour as well. I won't use anything else anymore (except for my winter, water resistant northwave bibs which have a rubber inner to them so I don't need to get too wet and cold). the 3/4's knickers' are fantastic and don't budge or cut into me.
    regretfully on my 'incident below' my assos winter leggings had to be cut off me :cry:but I do now have a really good excuse to buy some new ones this winter.
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