At last, it has arrived!


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Collecting my new Captur on March 4th. Received email from dealer this morning to give me new number plate. Excited!:tongue:
Looks a lovely car........enjoy! :okay:


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I only buy French cars, for obvious reasons, and have always been pleased with them. Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect car. :okay:

jonny jeez

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Where? I lived in elstead for 12 years!

The only one I can think of is several miles London bound ... With an m&s food...
That the one, the BP


Old R4 nice

ive had 3 clios and a 120d megane all new and sold after 2 yr .daughter has the 56 plate megane and its been almost faultless since new.
I hada look at thr capture and the megane this weekend..but were not having a renault..

enjoy the new car ,its lovely driving a brand new one out of the showroom.

I got my van from motorpoint in 06 and as I left there lot at Derby I literally drove off the lot and onto the slip road A50 and CRACK a stone hit the screen and it still has the repair today.. good omen? Vans been a peach.and its a Ducato!!
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