Attaching a bag to the back of a bike.

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Hi, I have a few questions regarding bags on the back of bikes.

I have a pannier rack on my bike and i'm looking for like a 'vintagey' bag that I can attach to it (possibly leather).

Ideally I would like something like this:
on the back of my bike, but I'm not sure it's possible to secure it, or modify a bag like that!

I don't really want a bag that goes down both sides ( or one side (, but rather sits on top?

So I was wondering if anyone has a similar sort of thing on their bike or knows where I can buy one! :laugh:


Is there anything at Cycle Chic that's suitable? They seem to stock things you can't find elsewhere.


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Mmmm, Cath Kidston. I'm the ungirliest girl, but I love her stuff!

A simple thing would be to get a basket to sit on the rack, and put your bag in it. For security, a couple of bungies hooked to the basket edge and put through the handle to prevent snatching, or even a lightweight cable lock of some sort.

A wicker basket would be stylish, but a simple wire one would show the bag off better...

Looking at Cyclechic, there is this:

Bit pricier than the Cath Kidston though...
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