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Heltor Chasca

Out-riding the Black Dog
At work I listen to a lot of podcasts. Reading a book last night by Juliana Buhring, she spoke of audio books. This struck me as a good idea.

What app do you use? (I have an iPhone, so Apple Books?)

And what cheap, great deal (or free) books do you recommend? I’m led to believe it takes a while to get into the idea of audio books. Is that right?

Thank you as always.


Plenty of free stuff mostly classic out of copyright stuff. Normal rules apply watch out for rogue sites.

A few to get you started.

If you want new stuff and happy to pay then Apple Books is just fine. Remember Amazon stuff only works with Amazon apps and they do have history of removing stuff making them no longer available even if you've paid for them months before.


An Peanut
I use them for free from my local library. Most libraries have a system now where you can borrow an audio book, using their partners/Apps like Libby and BorrowBox. This is on top of eBooks and eMagazines that they offer. Check out your local libraries website.
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