Audiobook recommendations

Mr SHK and I will be heading off next month on a trip around Europe which will involve lots of train miles.

I will happily read a book, but he tends to get motion-sickness, so I thought an audiobook would be a good idea. We don't have MP3 players but will be taking along my mini-laptop.

Can anyone recommend either

  • good places to get / buy audiobooks
  • good audiobooks


mark barker

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Swindon, Wilts
I don't download any, but the local library has a huge selection that can be added to your mp3 collection. Best of all, the library doesn't charge for lending audiobooks!


I bought a load from Waterstones.

I went for CD's as there seemed like a better selection, also as it was for my father who was in hospital and could not sit up to read at the time, CD's seemed easier to manage than MP3's

I got a little CD player and a decent set of big headphones which cut out all the external noise all from Argos for about £50
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