Avatars bugging me...

...because I recognise the image but can't put my finger on who it is...

alecstilleyedye - that's the character seen on place mats? that did something wrong isn't it?

melvil - who is that?

mine...i have no idea, except that he got in the way of a sunset at Sennen Cove last year. :biggrin:

Anyone else care to explain their avatar...?



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yep...mine is a picture of my bike.
I'm curious. You said that the character on your last avatar had kind of the same colour hair as you, non?
Please tell me that your new avatar hasn't got the same kind of nose as you! :biggrin:

By the way; it does look like Kylie Minogue!
Mine came off a French mushroom gatherers' site.



While not the most interesting Av on t'internet, mine is a bit of a hero of mine. Florian Schneider of Kraftwerk..a band so ahead of their time that even today, thirty years or so after the release of their best albums, they sound bang up to date.

Florian also did a classic 'non' interview on Brazilian TV which is ace.


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I discovered this week that, according to a link posted by a member of this parish, I am the biggest geek (by some way) on the forum. As such, I have replaced my (rather cool) Bobba Fett avatar with a more appropriate one.

I may change it again pretty soon. I'm NOT a feckin' geek!
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