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Discussion in 'Touring and Adventure Cycling' started by Dec66, 29 Jan 2018.

  1. briantrumpet

    briantrumpet Veteran

    Devon & Die
    Re TGV tickets, it's three months ahead that sales open. trainline.eu is the easiest/best way to buy - they took over Captain Train, but (unusually) kept all the functionality of Captain Train - the app and website are superb.
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  2. Regulator

    Regulator Not a SPM snowflake.

    I can also recommend Voyages-SNCF.
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  3. yostumpy

    yostumpy Senior Member

    ever thought about European Bike Express, coach service. They get booked up quickly, but worth a look.
  4. Regulator

    Regulator Not a SPM snowflake.

    They are very pricey though...
  5. albal

    albal Über Member

    I had a wander around Bedoin when I was passing through. Lots of bike rentals available to suit most budgets.